How to Plan Your Wedding Dances

Reasons Why You Should Consider Wedding Dance Lessons

Congrats! It’s fantastic news that you’re getting hitched! When the enormous day of your life is fixed, both would-be life accomplices will begin, including the days while soaking in the realm of dreams. Similarly, there’re many plans to be done to make the commitment party ever significant to you just as your visitors. Among various […]

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Viral Dances

People Who Have Changed Their Lives by Creating Some Dance Moves That Went Viral

Let’s imagine the following scenario, you’ve created some dance moves based on a piece of popular background music. You said, “Alright, I am going to post my clip-on whatever social media platform”. Then you find out later that your dance clip has latterly almost broken the Internet, on the top your life changes. Impossible you […]

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Remembering Kobe Bryant

Remembering Kobe Bryant’s Funniest & Heart-Warming Moments

Heroes get remembered but legends never die. Although Kobe Bryant has passed away along with his 13-years-old, Gianna and other seven people in a helicopter crash, he will be always celebrated. As a way to honor his legacy, we have collected some of our funny, light-hearted, and heartwarming Kobe Bryant moments. Including the ones with his […]

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