About US

YACH TV is a social network that gets you closer to the latest urban news & gossip as well as entertainment that supports creators and artists! With a presence on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

YACH TV is consists of a professional team that is dedicated to brings you the latest updates. Our style of delivering the story is similar to the way a friend or roommate would deliver the story to you – because people these days want their story to be delivered in a short and sweet manner.

They want to laugh and be entertained when they are getting their news. It’s fun for us in terms of writing…and the reason for that…we don’t use proper grammar all the time.       


Do you want to be featured on YACH TV? Submit your video for your chance. We accept a remarkably wide variety of videos, and we know that awesomeness comes in many forms, so whether you’re a creator or an artist! With a presence on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, we would love to see your clips.


We work with award-winning global recording artists to give amazing videos to the soundtracks that they deserve. If you’re an artist or a rep interested in partnering with YACH TV, send us an email