Mind Games in Relationships: Everything That You Should Know

Mind Games in Relationships: Everything That You Should Know


Do you want to have a solid and happy bond with your partner? Find out more about mind games in relationships and avoid related problems.

Have you ever been preparing for a date for a few hours or even a whole day, and then found out that your partner has changed their mind? It is an awful feeling when you do not know what to expect from your beloved one the next minute. Actually, such changes may make you feel desperate and exhausted in the long run. If you want to understand what is going on between you and your partner, then keep reading to study mind games in relationships.

What are Mind Games in Relationships?

It goes without saying that building a successful relationship is quite complicated even though the result is great. If you hesitate about whether you face exactly this problem, then let’s start with the definition. According to mind games meaning in relationships, it is a certain attempt of one partner to set control over another one thanks to some manipulation. Perhaps. you need at least a few examples of mind games in relationships to catch the idea better. For instance, you offer your partner to live together, and they agree. However, you may get a rejection already the next morning. If such a situation happens a few times, then you definitely deal with mind games people play in relationships. Of course, it is better to find out more signs to avoid possible confusion.

Signs of playing mind games in relationships

These signs will let you better understand the situation and decide on what to do next:

  1. The partner wants something from you. Even knowing things girls like about guys, you may sometimes feel confused. In other words, a partner may expect something from you but keep silent. Instead of talking directly, they will make you doubt all the time. 
  2. You are always the first to write and call. Do you send the message and wait for the whole day until your significant other replies? Do they call you first or it is only you? Then you surely deal with mind games in a relationship. 
  3. You regularly come across jealousy.  If your partner openly flirts with other people in front of you or simply does not reject this, then you should take it as a signal that something is going wrong.
  4. The partner compares you with others. Perhaps it is one of the worst things that you may deal with in a relationship. If your significant other constantly compares you with their ex, it means that they do not appreciate you. 
  5. Your self-esteem is bad. All above – mentioned things contribute to the worsening of your self-identity. It means your partner aims to set control over you, prove that all your decisions are wrong and your words mean nothing. 

Mind Games in Relationships: What to Do?

Did you understand that you are involved in mind games and everything that happens is not one of the nuances of online relationships at all? Then you can follow these simple recommendations from top experts and try to change your being:

  1. Talk with your partner directly. You can waste your life suffering from a terrible attitude, or you can initiate a frank conversation and become happy at last. It is up to you to decide, but after all, everybody deserves respect and care. Choose the right moment and make sure that your partner is listening to you attentively. Remember to give particular examples to explain better what you are not satisfied with. Avoid arguing and fighting. The main purpose of such a conversation is to clarify everything instead of making things worse.
  2. Offer a way out. Once you share your opinion and overall position, it is important to provide a definite solution. For example, you can say that you are ready to give a person a second chance and accept their apologies. Remind your significant other that you appreciate this relationship and are ready to do your best to revive it.
  3. Decide what is better for you. Once you say everything that you have planned, you should listen to a point of view of your partner. Afterward, you need to make a final decision taking into account your own desires and overall comfort. Actually, there are only two options. If your partner refuses to realize evident problems between you two, you can either break the relationship or put up with the situation and keep living as before. If they agree that mind games ruin your bond and are ready to overcome them, then you get a fantastic chance to build a healthy commitment and enjoy it.

Final Word

Now you are aware of all mind games in relationship signs. You should study them well not to find yourself in a difficult situation. Mind that only you should decide what is good for you and what is not. Do not let anyone set full control over you or worsen your self-esteem. Avoid communication with women and men who play mind games in relationships. They hardly can become a faithful partner to you. 

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