Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant

Gianna Bryant: The Story of A Beautiful Legacy Left Behind


It’s hard to believe legendary athlete Kobe Bryant, who inspired many people with his prodigious talent and win-at-all-costs spirit, is gone along with his source of inspiration. His lovely 13-years-old, Gianna.

Although Kobe was obsessed with being a dad to his daughters, two had a special bond that helped the NBA star through some difficult times.

Man Up

When Kobe was working on a short film dear basketball, he began to feel discouraged at the prospect of turning his thoughts into animation. At the time, the 11-year-old Gianna told him to chase his dreams and “man up”. I have a question…how many people out there who would ever dare tell Kobe to man up.

Anyway, At that moment, Gianna was the coach and inspired Kobe to keep going and he was far from the only person who knew just how special Gigi was. Spark plug, all attitude and no fear.

Talent & Hard Work

Gianna, whom Kobe and wife Vanessa called Gigi, was as ambitious about her dreams as she was at commanding presence on the court. She wanted to grow up and attend the University of Connecticut and become a part of their basketball team. When Gigi wanted something, she went for it 100%.


Basketball was her true passion, to the point where professional players were often in awe of both Gigi’s talent and her tenacity.

Gigi was turning into a special player according to Russ Davis. The women’s basketball coach at Vanguard University was so impressed with how Gigi was constantly improving and striving to be the best she could be.

When she wasn’t playing or practicing, The Mamacita was analyzing & studying footage and said that all of the information had inspired her on the court.

Gigi wasn’t only talented, she was dedicated and wouldn’t settle for being less than the best her father’s nickname (black mamba) . The fans took to call her, Gigi Mamacita.

Despite talent, Gigi absolutely embodied the work hard play hard mentality and this helped inspire everyone around her. She was determined to be the best she could be. That’s it was easy to see why her father felt so confident she would be the one to continue his legacy.

Her Father & Other Famous Players Describing Her

According to her father, Gianna was something else on the court. That being said, Kobe definitely wasn’t the only person who noticed her determination. Gabby Williams, the professional basketball player for the Chicago Sky of the Women’s National Basketball Association and one of Gianni’s favorite players said that she believed Gigi would be better than her someday. And she considered it an absolute honor to be considered Gigi’s favorite.

In addition, Gabby admired how fierce and relentless Gigi was on the court. and how she was all smiles and sweetness when the game was over.

Jewell Loyd – Wikipedia

Seattle Storm player jewel Lloyd said that unlike most kids who are glued to their phones or tablets, Gigi was always watching and studying the way the game was played.

After Kobe’s retirement, it was Gigi who helped him appreciate basketball in a brand new way as a coach and as a spectator. Kobe suddenly found himself watching NBA games side by side with Gigi in a whole brand new way. Truth be told, at that time he wasn’t watching as an athlete, he was just a fan and a father.

Legends Never Die

Vanessa Bryant, Gigi’s mother revealed on Instagram that the Mamba Sports Foundation would be renamed the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, in reference to the nickname Bryant gave his daughter.


In addition, her beloved UConn Huskies honored her memory by placing a number-2 jersey and some flowers on the bench.


There’s even a petition circulating to have Gigi’s Jersey hung up at the Staples Center. Although she and Kobe shared a special bond, Gigi was also deeply loved by her mother and three sisters.

But after the tragic helicopter crash which claimed the lives of Kobe and Gigi, Vanessa posted on Instagram thanking those who’ve shown support during this difficult time, and she described Gigi as a wonderful daughter and amazing sister to Natalya Bianca and Capri.

Prevent Helicopter’s Future Tragedies

While the news about Kobe and Gigi was surprising, it’s possible that this loss could help save the life of others. As a way to honor the memories of Kobe and Gigi, Brad Sherman has introduced the Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant Helicopter Safety Act.

This will require helicopters to come equipped with a Terrain Awareness and warning system. It also calls for a commission on helicopter safety who would report directly to Congress. So such as equipment would be a huge step towards mandating helicopter safety and hopefully help prevent future tragedies.

But even if you don’t make a habit of flying in helicopters, it’s not hard to be inspired by Gigi whose intensity and passion are remembered by those she left behind.

She was only 13 years old when she passed, but Gigi made a huge impact on the people around her inspiring them to work harder and push themselves right up into the very end.