Top 10 Craziest Products You Can Buy Online

Top 10 Crazy Products You Should Think Twice Before Buying Them


You probably know that there are many inventions and gadgets out there that were created to make your life easier.

Many people bought these products and use them cheerfully every day. However, there are some gadgets that were supposed to be very useful for everyone but ended up being absolutely useless creations. Would you like to know them? On this list are some of the most stupid products that you could ever buy, so let’s get it on.

10 – Full Body Umbrella

Have you ever seen such an old umbrella? We haven’t you say! And that’s the reason why we are going to talk about it. This device was created to protect all your body from a terrible raining day. It has basically the same handles as the usual one, and you have to hold it in your hands but the main difference is that this umbrella covers you from tip to toe.

Full Body Umbrella – Wish

Put the product on top of you and stretch it out from the head to the feet. This wonder hides you inside a transparent cage and restrains your movement a little bit. Nevertheless, if you run into a friend in the street when being inside the full-body umbrella, you can use the little face door that will allow you to talk with your interlocutor. So if you want to buy this strange gadget, you should know that the people will look and point at you and even take pictures of you right in the street.

9 – Wheeled Toilet

Have you ever been in the middle of a traffic jam? You’re desperately needed to go to the loo but you haven’t found a worthy place around. do you know the feeling? Unpleasant, right? And what if I told you that you could go to the loo without moving from your vehicle, nonsense you say, huh?

But a British plumber actually studied this situation and decided to create the most functional toilet in the world, equipped with a bike engine and fuel capacity of 8.5 cubic inches under the seat.

Colin Furze – Crazy Inventions

The creator of this invention is Colin Furze, with almost 9 million subs on his YouTube channel. He spent three months creating this special loo. His vehicle is equipped with a water tank that can be cleaned easily with a push of a button. The wheeled toilet works with gasoline and can reach a speed of 96 kilometers per hour but truth be told, the creator didn’t consider that at a high speed, the vehicle may splash water all over the place and driving it is also not very easy. The toilet is quite slippery and at a high speed is quite difficult to remain seated.

All I want to say is don’t get surprised if someday you’ll see a toilet passing by really fast. Who knows! It might just happen.

8 – Golf Bra

What do we have here? This product which was made for women only is a real-life transformer. It was specially created for golf enthusiasts who can’t go a day without a little bit of golf.

Golf Bra:

Basically, this twisted product looks like a usual bra but it can actually unfold and turn into a mini-golf course. The bra comes with a pocket for spare balls a hole, and even a small speaker from where you can hear the phrase “Great, you hit a ball”. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t take into account that if a woman wants to hit some golf balls then she has to be topless. Oops!

Anyway, the company that created this wonder has also created a bra that can be used to drink soup and it even comes with a cybernetic spoon.

7 – Bubble Paper Simulator

There are some activities that are quite a bit addictive so to say. A fidgety person who can’t stop clicking a pen or those who can’t resist popping some bubble wrap when they glimpse it.

Squeezing out the air from the bubbles results in an incredibly charming sound that is impossible to stop. At least until the last bubble has exploded but that’s the problem, the bubbles paper will end sooner or later and the game will be over, right? So to this fix that a Japanese company created the perfect solution for the bubbles lovers.

Daily Mail

A small keyring capable of replacing several feet of bubble wrap press. One of the buttons resembling a bubble and you’ll hear the special sound in order for the owner to not be carried away by the process and ends up in a bubble wrap Coma. The developers of this product included a random noise every 100 pops and without it, you might end up playing for long hours.

6 – Necomimi Ears

These ears can react to the condition and mood of the user. The ears lower if the user is calm and arises if the user is interested in something. A very sensible built-in sensor reacts not only to changes in temperature but also catches the electromagnetic changes of the brain. Of course, such a thing could have only been invented in one place Japan.

This country is the birthplace of a bunch of funny silly gadgets but even so, I am planning to visit this remarkable land which I admire a lot one day.

Now back to the subject, we are not quite sure what the purpose of these ears is but we have at least an idea if your parents don’t understand you, then you can wear these ears and your mum and dad will know if you love or hate something.

5 – Hawaii Chair

From the outside, this piece of furniture looks like a usual office chair, right? So what if I told you that this is the only common thing about it. In the arm of the Hawaii chair, there is a special built-in control to operate your massage chair, and that what turns this normal chair into a real fitness gadget.

This chair vibrates and rotates but not around its axis but in big circles. So if you’re playing with a hula-hoop, the movements and the vibration don’t allow you to relax and if you do then you will lose your balance and fall down, and supposedly this way your muscles and the abs in your feet hands and back are working all the time to keep you always in shape.

The producers of this passive trainer promise that this is a must-have product, not only at the office but at home with it you can live a healthier life. While the chair is on, and your muscles are working you can read, make and receive phone calls, work on the computer, do your paperwork and so on. But we don’t think that you can do anything useful while sitting on it.

4 – BRA For Liquids

British company discovers this unusual way to make the breasts visually bigger. Brave ladies that like unconventional solutions will love this product. It has a bra with a hollow to fill it with any liquid, you can use water, juice booze or any other beverage.


We’re not done yet, you can drink it while you’re wearing the bra. It’s a sports bra with a volume capacity of 750 milliliters. It comes in two Universal sizes small and medium. The manufacturer guarantees comfort while you’re wearing the bra, and you can filling it with hot water or cleaning it. The bra has a distinctive long tube on the side so you can drink it easily, it might seem like a useful garment but for some reason, the creators keep silent about the leaking.

So girls think twice before you put your hands on this controversial thing.

3 – Baby Mop Suit

You will definitely want one of these if you have a little baby brother or a sister. The reason I am saying this, imagine your parents went out shopping and you have to take care of your siblings. Well! The creators of this baby suit know exactly how to get out of such a situation.

Image from inspiralist

Put the suit on a baby and you can now go sit and relax while he or she cleans the house. This one-piece suit has micro fabric stripes just like a usual mop, the floors will be clean and dustless while your baby rolls around. I think that this is a very useful item because you are teaching your baby to help you while saving strength time and the energy you spend when using the vacuum cleaner.

But truth be told, the product is not quite popular so far, probably because of its strange look. Anyway, you can create such a suit by yourself, simply tear off the cleaning parts of a mob and place it in one of your siblings costumes while your parents aren’t watching.

2 – AIR Curler

Girls and boys with long hair, this original gadget was designed especially for you if you’re tired of getting burned with curling irons and Looking for curly hair? This is the solution for you.

Air Curler Styling Tool from 4towish

You just have to attach this container to the blow dryer, then you need to place a wet lock of hair in the container and turn on the blow dryer. It looks like your hair is in a blender or a mincer but actually the air from the blow dryer makes your hair turn around, and curl at the same time dries it for you. To be honest, it doesn’t seem to work at all if watch its showcase, it looks quite stupid actually. I wonder if someone’s ever tried it.

1 – Spiky Shower

On this list, we left the most stupid useless creation in order to save some water. London-based designer Elizabeth Bircher created this curtain that looks like a bunch of pouches but if you spend too much time in the shower the pouches fill with air and turn into spikes. It’s like someone kicking you out of the shower and you have only four minutes to take a it.

Image source: Inhabitat

This invention is perfect for those who were used to singing in the shower or doing other things that have nothing to do with washing if you know what I mean. And we don’t think that this green/blue warrior can really hurt you badly but you’d better hurry.

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