YouTuber NikkieTutorials Reveals She’s Transgender | Yach News

The YouTube star who often goes by Nikkietutorials with more than 12 million subscribers on YouTube, reveals to her fans in a very personal message that she’s a transgender woman. On Monday, the 25-year-old posted a 17-minute emotional video on her YouTube channel titled “I’m Coming Out”. “When I was younger. I was born in the wrong […]

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L’Baroque: The Untold Story Of Moroccan’s Dance Group Who Letterly Started From Scratch

Have you heard the story of V Unbeatable? An Indian Dance Group who made their own way to America’s Got Talent. L’Baroque is a similar one except for the talent show part. This dance crew who started their journey with no capital, no funding, yet despite the odds were still able to build massive success. […]

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Kayla Nicole Jones buys a Boyfriend, Best Friend and a Her Brother a BMW!

A lot of users on Instagram dropped negative comments on Kayla Nicole Jones! And that because lately, the young lady has bought her brother, best friend and boyfriend a new brand BMW each. And even some of them goes so far and called stupid for making such as big cash out on other people. Me […]

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