Kayla Nicole Jones buys a Boyfriend, Best Friend and a Her Brother a BMW!


A lot of users on Instagram dropped negative comments on Kayla Nicole Jones! And that because lately, the young lady has bought her brother, best friend and boyfriend a new brand BMW each. And even some of them goes so far and called stupid for making such as big cash out on other people.

Me personally, I don’t agree with what these people are saying…because Kayla Jones here made a boss move, which would no doubt have her fans loving her more.


Kayla Nicole jones shared the good news on social media and only her mother knows about the surprise. She said she bought them the gifts to appreciate them for believing in her.


In case you don’t know who Kayla Nicole Jones is? It’s a thriving YouTuber star that made a name for her by uploading YouTube videos and meme-ing herself as well. Its content includes comedy, beauty tutorials, sketches and vlogs. And some of her videos have gone viral.

Now, back to the main subject, many people congratulated the young lady and that was too generous so to speak but for those who are unhappy with that, Kayla did clap back on them.

She wrote:

“Haha ! Funny how I’m a “stupid bi*tch” for buying my boyfriend a car. A lot of you women constantly scream what you wouldn’t do when really you COULDN’T DO!! Let’s start there! Women also always expect a reward in loyalty and forget it’s the same with men!! Get you a real nigga and he gone reap all the benefits I grew up with this guy and he been the same before and after my fame. Boyfriend or best friend he deserves to win and I’ll always be his cheerleader. One more thing; it is the same bit*ches that can’t even go 50/50 with they nigga and wanna be spoiled. You can cater to a nigga when you a boss as*s bit*ch. Cardi dropping bags, Beyoncé buying jets & I’m putting everybody in BEAMERS. Rich bit*ches ball different now mind your tax bracket and write that nigga a paragraph while he responds “awe❤️”.

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