Top 5 Trending Dance Challenges Of This Week!!!


Dance Challenges with different pieces of song and styles emerge on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Dubsmash every single day. Encouraging users and followers to film their version of the dance challenge and post it on their social media accounts.

All you need to do is take up one of these dance challenges to go viral in an instant.

If your creative short-film video is good enough, you’ll be featured on the creator’s posts feed. Otherwise, you’ll get a lot of views and your fan base will grow as well (going viral).

Just for the record, this list it’s only featuring out the trending dance challenges based on YouTube views, so it’s doesn’t reflect our personal opinion.

We selected the best Instagram dance challenges for you. Here are five of the best: most influential dance challenges of this week.

1 – Move Like A Snake Dance Challenge (@young.fanatic)


Creator: Young Fanatic is a music artist, creating Hip-Hop/Rap music such as “Wassup”, “Don’t Hype”, which you can find them on YouTube or Sound Cloud. But the one the made him jump straight to the trending dance challenges is a song called “Snake” as shown in the Instagram post above.

In terms of sociability, He’s got over 129K followers on Instagram and almost 23K on YouTube. He likes to play Fortnite a lot!! Like who doesn’t? But he has been lately playing Fortnite for straight hours, up to five hours in some cases and uploads his gameplay on YouTube without a Face Cam.

Purpose: It’s a challenge right! so users & followers must dance with movements that perfectly emerge with the background music. The winner could be featured on the creator posts feed or get a lot of views as we’ve stated in the intro.

2 – Kick Swivel Dance Challenge (@yeahitsyg)


Creator: Ty Gibson knows as “yeahitstyg” is a dancer, entertainer, comedian, and the creator of #KickSwivel dance challenge. He becomes famous because of that challenge to the point where he was asked to perform it in open scenes, basketball matches and in public of course (fans).

It’s one of the most popular dance challenges of this week? How. I mean when you have someone who works on the FOX 46 television station did that challenge. It completely confirms it.

Ty G as he likes to refer himself had over 1.8 Million followers on Tik Tok, nearly 39K Instagram and over 25K  on YouTube.

Purpose: in this challenge users & followers must dance with some specific movement, especially the kick swivel. This is the only challenge where the creator has made a tutorial to teach the dance moves.

3 – Bring Em Out Dance Challenge (@vayaababbyy_)


Creator: Nevaeh is a social media public figure, mostly active on her Instagram, the creator of the “Bring Em Out” Dance Challenge. Thanks to this challenge – she’s now under the spotlight.

Nevaeh had over 14 thousand followers on Instagram and only a few subs on her YouTube channel. The reason!!! well!!! She doesn’t upload any content over there.

Purpose: the challenge is to dance in a style that fits with the “Bring Em Out” music video.

4 – Woah Wave Dance Challenge (@jhacari)

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She Know I’m The Vibe ♥️

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Creator: JHACARI BLUNT is a social media public figure, dancer and entertainer. His photos and videos on Instagram have earned him a fan base of more than 1.2 million followers by the time writing this article.

JHACARI the creator of the Woah Wave Dance Challenge. He’s the only one on this list who has a verified blue checkmark on his Instagram account. In terms of YouTube subs, BLUNT had over 267K subscribers.

Purpose: All the trending dance challenges in this are the same, dancing in a style that goes smoothly with the background music.

5 – Come Get Your Boo Dance Challenge (@blamekayla_)


Creator: Kayla is a social media public figure, dancer and entertainer from North Carolina. Most active on Instagram…posting videos of her dancing to pieces of music.

In terms of social media followers, She had over 7.9 thousand followers on Instagram and only a few subs on her YouTube channel. She does upload a couple of videos over there.

Purpose: dancing in a style that runs smoothly with the background music.

Dance challenges help diversify people’s life if not changing it, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create a short-film dance challenge – you could be the next contender, who knows…

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