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What Really Happened To Eisha Hickson? Things You Should Know


Most of you there know what happened to Eisha Hickson. It’s was really sad and horrible. But apparently, people still think that she faking being shot, which we’ll analyze to see if it’s true or not.

Do you want to know who Eisha Hickson is? What exactly happened to her? As well as the latest updates about her health condition at the hospital? Well! This article is for you.

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Now, before we tell you what exactly happened to her and how she’s doing in the meanwhile? I am pretty sure that there some of you out there who don’t have an idea about who’s Eisha, right. So let’s get this out of the way.

Who is Eisha Hickson?

Her full name is Eisha Hickson, born in Atlanta, October 12, 2001. The Instagram superstar is best known as TheRealEisha. She becomes so popular by performing viral dance trends on the platform. Before the fame, she was a high school student when she began to earn fame online.

What really happened to Eisha?

According to FOX 8, it’s been reported that several shots were fired on Christmas Eve. As a result, six people were injured in the parking lot of Five Points Grocery Store and Eisha was one of them. She got shot in her kidney.

One of the attackers who were in the passenger seat started to shot at everyone who was standing at that parking lot. It’s not confirmed whether this is a random or targeted shooting, but it feels like Eisha was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Just to let you know, the other five men who were shot survived.

Her Heath Condition

I think from the beginning of this article, you’re all wondering if she’s doing fine! Well! Thank God she’s doing great. We did go to her fan page to ask about her health condition And this is what they told us:

“She’s been doing well. She’s up moving and dancing”. And they’ve also added, “She recently got a tube removed”.

And Eisha herself shared the good news on Instagram.

Why People Still Believe that She’s Faking It?

As we’ve stated earlier, people were coming to her claiming that she’s faked being shot, but here’s what she said:


In addition, she brought the picture one more time to prove that she’s not faking it (Make sure to watch the video so you can see it).

After showing them the picture being shot, Eisha continued to explain:

“Please explain, what about this is fake! I’m not the type to fake. I lost a kidney, my colon messed up, my lungs collapsed, the rib is broke, pelvis bone is broke. And all my insides had to be put back”.

I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. What? They need to see her dead body so they can believe her. And what’s even weirder, some of her fans continued to QN her in doubt (All the comments are listed on the YouTube Video).

Personally, I think Eisha should stay away from IG until she heals completely. Because receiving all these accusations & negative comments while she needs support and positive energy to get her life back, is not good for her.

Anyway, that was my opinion. Let us know in the comments what do you advise Eisha to do in this situation.

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