KSI Released A New Track Two Days Before The Fight


The biggest event in the History of YouTube…

KSI vs Logan Paul Pro Boxing Match is taking YouTube to another level. Two of the most subscribing channels on the platform are confronting each other with no guard. It was just YouTubers who fight each other for fun and for views of course, but now things are serious (Pro Boxing).

Just two days before the rematch, KSI has dropped out the coolest Distract ever titled “Down Like That” in a Dragon Ball Z anime style. The beats, the team which we’ll talk about it later and the message behind it – all we can say about specifically the message is like saying something short and to the point.

Message To Who?

KSI it’s not only a YouTuber! he’s a musician, rapper, and boxer as well. In terms of boxing, KSI had beaten up some YouTubers before such as JEO WELLER, and because of that, he becomes the YouTube boxing champion.

He gains a lot of views whenever he uploads a video to any of his channels (two channels). He’s a member of the Sideman crew, which is having huge success right now especially with their clothing brand. He made world tours to promote his music and still.

The Sideman Team Members

Now having this huge amount of success and achievements, it’s obvious that you’ll make some enemies on your way! but having all of that on the line in a boxing match, it’s the best remedy for haters and opponents to knock you down.

It’s time to get down and leave your legacy behind, this is what KSI is confronting right now. But he responded in an imaginable way. In the track, he’s showing that to only way to go down is up. Wow!!!

KSI vs Logan Paul: First Match

The first match ended in a majority draw. Logan takes the lead in the first rounds, he gazest. KSI shows strong stamina in returns, he was about to knock Logan Paul down in the last rounds…but he didn’t.

KSI vs Logan Paul First Match! It was a Majority Draw

KSI still the champion. Logan Paul is not happy with it. And the only way to tackle that is a rematch.


In this track, KSI came up with different beats and melody. He’s was like challenging Rick Ross, Lil Baby and S-X to fit in a different song. And it’s was the right combination of rappers according to some other rappers when they’ve reviewed KSI’s song.

Rick Ross, Lil Baby and S-X are all having YouTube channels. You can check them for more information.

Final Words

Both opponents work so hard like it’s never be done before. Logan Paul back from a suicide issue clears out that this isn’t a boxing match, it’s personal for me.

KSI on the other side seems to be calm and confident. All his focus is on knocking down Logan Paul. Both boxers seem to have strong reasons to win the fight. It’s hard to predict who? But Nov 09 will be the answer…

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